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We create Home Theaters that match or transcend the quality of Commercial Cinemas.

We specialize in the following.

Audio Design

How you arrange your home theater speakers has a big impact on how your system sounds. Proper speaker positioning can elevate an average-sounding system to an elite home theater experience. Your professionally engineered audio system begins with a thorough understanding of the ways in which you will use the system. We determine the source, signal processing, amplification, speaker, and sub-woofer components not only to fulfill your requirements and meet industry standards but also to get you the best sound quality for your budget.

Video Design

Our video design process is based on the following aspects: how you will use the system, what content you will watch, and the level of ambient light.

We then professionally engineer your video system to meet industry standards and give you the best video quality for your budget.

Image of Video design
Image of Home theater layout

Home Theater Layout

Your home theater experience has to offer technology and quality that meet the highest industry expectations. We combine aesthetics with performance, with every detail planned down to the last screw. From the centerpiece of your home theater, a professional projector, and screen, to a surround sound system that will leave you breathless to astonishing 3-D capabilities. Our home theater layout process begins with an analysis of sightlines and speaker coverage. Using your requirements on how the theater will be used and which elements to include, we arrange seating, speakers, sub-woofers, and the video system. The layout will meet both your needs and industry standards.

Acoustics Design

The single most important factor of a great sounding home theater is the acoustic properties of the room itself. Not the brand of speakers, not the receiver, not the bit rate of the movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, room acoustics is usually the area where most people give the least amount of attention. We at SymphonyHT prioritize acoustics over equipment. We measure and model your room remotely or onsite to understand and design acoustics. After modeling your audio system, we create an acoustic treatment plan specifying the number, type, and placement of acoustic treatments.

Image of Acoustics design


High-performance audio and video systems are often complex. Low voltage and electrical wiring, electronics, speakers, and acoustic treatment all need to be carefully installed and a thorough system verification process completed to ensure that all elements are working as designed. We offer professional audio, video, acoustic installation services across a number of areas including low voltage cabling, speaker installation, projector installation, screen installation, electrical wiring, general construction, and acoustic treatment installation.


Once the installation of audio, video setup is complete, it is time to balance the volume level of each speaker relative to your seating position. This ensures that you hear each speaker at the proper level regardless of how far or close each speaker may be. While this setting can be made by ear, using a decibel meter will get you more precise results. For most home theater enthusiasts, audio calibration consists of running the automated set-up process on the AVR. This rarely optimizes everything, and often makes things worse. For true high performance, you need a trained calibrator to set things up for you.


Image of Collaboration


We begin every project by listening to your needs and exploring what you desire. Throughout our discovery process, we will partner with you to define your goals and expectations, explore the options, and uncover the possibilities. Collaboration and communication are the keys to a flawless installation, and we take the extra steps to make ourselves available to you throughout the process.


Design is where form meets function. Creative and effective integration needs a focused plan, layout, and design. Our advanced design services ensure the highest level of professional delivery. Using the latest technologies, we plan the design details down to the last screw to ensure the systems perform intuitively and look great, even those you can’t see, like hidden ceiling speakers and hidden wall speakers.

Image of Design
Image of Wiring


Although many people take wiring for granted or consider it only as a necessary afterthought, the way people hook things up makes every difference in how their home theater systems ultimately sound. We use highly sophisticated plans and top quality materials to ensure the best outcomes.


We work in collaboration with you to deliver and install your system quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption. To ensure your comfort and confidence in your new system, we will personally walk you through the operation of your new technologies, in a language that’s easy to understand. 

Image of Process Installation


At Symphony HT, we strive to ensure your system continues to work flawlessly for the rest of its days, even after the warranty has expired.

Seating & Furniture

Home theater furniture has become very popular in recent years because many people enjoy inviting friends and family over to watch movies. There are quite a few homes that have an entire room dedicated as a home theater; however, home theater sofas and traditional home furniture often lack the comfort of seating at movie theaters. What can be better than relaxing and watching movies without having to endure uncomfortable seats?

Change how you experience your favorite shows and purchase home theater seating today. Home theater chairs consist of a group of movie recliners placed together with armrests in between. The armrests on theater-style seating often feature holders for cups and snacks. Most entertainment chairs are made out of leather or faux leather and are comfortably padded to make movie-viewing an enjoyable experience.


A perfect home entertainment experience should be one part technology, one part comfort, one part style. We select a large range of home theater seating that appeals to just about every taste and takes the design of the modern home, and the modern viewer, into consideration. Our marketing and merchandising efforts are geared toward providing a broad selection of styles at competitive prices, quick delivery to the consumer and strong customer support. We serve as a direct factory importer and, as a result, have been able to market our products at lower prices and offer quicker delivery to our customers than many of our competitors. We maintain a competitive product edge and work with retailers to build products based on customer-specific requirements. Products we offer include:

  • Theater Seating
  • Sofas, Loveseats & Sets
  • Fortress Seating
  • Recliners
  • Media Chest/Console
  • Drapes and Curtains

Why Choose Us

We at Symphony HT specialize in the design and creation of high-performance home theaters, providing Home Automation and Security Services.


A home theater can encompass a lot of equipment: the projector, screen, and surround sound just for starters – not to mention lighting, motorized shades, and other additions. When you watch a movie at home, you want it to be as simple as visiting a movie theater. Our automation technology can be easily integrated into your home theater to allow conveniences such as:

  • Motorized Screen Control
  • Theater Equipment Control
  • Sound System Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Motorized Shades & Curtains
Image of Security


The importance of your family’s security cannot be overstated. For this reason, Symphony HT offers a home security store with wired and wireless smart home security systems, including professional-grade security options, video surveillance, and stand-alone alert products as follows:

  • Digital Locks
  • Home Security Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smoke & CO Alarms
  • Digital Doorbell

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We at Symphony HT specialize in the design and creation of high-performance home theaters, providing home automation and security services. We offer design services to clients across India, as well as installation services locally to those in the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Unlike many other audio dealers and home theater installers we are technically savvy, well trained, and educated. The manufacturers we work with and love are engineering-led companies with solid science and passion behind them. We guarantee our commitment to quality products and services.

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